English Composition 2 ENGL1020

These are my notes and links from English Composition 2, ENGL 1020

I have a pocket Wadsworth, which is pretty useless considering I write on my computer and Purdue University's Writing Lab has all the same resources; citation help, general English, grammar and etiquette rules.

I really wanted to create a .mobi and .epub of the reading that were not in the book, but there is simply not enough information in what we were given to compile the readings into one file. Not only that but I'm pretty sure most of it isn't even in the public domain. I'll post resources here as I find them.

THIS is what the Poetry Foundation of America has to say about Ishmael Reed. Having read some of the book I feel comfortable saying that the law of truly large numbers says that at least one of them has to be worth something.... I'm still reading though. At this point I'm disposed to not like the work, I feel I've been swindled out of the 15 dollars I paid for it. I will however concede the point that I can't judge a book solely on few poems. I think however, after reading several pages of another of his works, Mumbo Jumbo, that we should have been asked to read one of his novels, which is far more interesting and far less expensive.

The Poetry Foundation has a copy of the poem "The Mother" along with an audio clip HERE.

You can watch the one-act play Soap Opera, performed by some high-schoolers HERE. You can download a scanned image pdf from HERE.

I can't find Tattoo yet, mainly because I don't know who the author is, but here is a link to the next out of book reading assignment -> What Lips My Lips Have Kissed and Where and Why

A Performance of "What Lips My Lips Have Kissed and Where and Why" Written by:  Edna St. Vincent Millay and performer by:  Unwoman (Erika Mulkey)

A Performance of "To his Coy Mistress" By Andrew Marvell and Performed By: Greg Wise

Here are some links to the Poetry Foundation's postings of Leda and the Swan and When I was One and Twenty.

Here are some more links for "The Storm" and "The Chrysanthemums"
The Chrysanthemums And the Sparknotes
Here is a good explanation and text for The Storm

And here's an Audiobook Video for "The Storm"

And here's a link to Ishmael Reed's Official Site.

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