Wednesday, August 1, 2018


****Discontinued Project****
Thanks guys for all of your support but I've decided to take a more hands on approach when it comes to tutoring. Those of you who know me know that part of educational philosophy is that it should always remain fun and exciting. Simply put, I'm just not as enthusiastic as I need to be to continue this project. You can still contact me via email at or via text at (423)521-5725

Freshman year I had a bunch of people ask me for my notes and recordings and such. At the time I didn't think much of it, you know, people exchanging notes. My Education professor posited the idea that it was an opportunity to start teaching early, a sort of early professional development. So I've decided to open source my notes and share my various sources. Feel free to pass on anything I'm sharing with you, that is after all what the internet is for. Thanks for your support and good luck in class!

To the right you will see all the courses I'm taking or the notes on courses I have taken since starting this adventure plus some notes on student life.

All of my various files and notes are hosted on Ubuntu One. At my current rate of usage I'm going through about 1.2GB a year. It would be helpful if you would use this link ->Ubuntu1 and sign up for an account of your own. For every referral I get half a gig more.

River Rat Study Group
(This is the study group I lead)
If in doubt look for Adriel, the Fighting River Rat
(She's our Mascot)

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